Guenevere “MotoPainter” Schwien

I started riding motorcycles in college, making my commute from Oakland to San Francisco, faster and much more fun. My friend Andy (Knuckles) got me started. He took me on a ride through the city, not more than a fourteen mile ride out and back, but that was enough to get me thinking. Of course Andy told me that, at the time, I could commute across the Bay Bridge free during commute hours, and parking was much cheaper and easier with a motorcycle, plus it would be faster than taking B.A.R.T. So naturally I got a bike. I started on an old 250 Honda Rebel and after only a few months upgraded to an NT650 Honda Hawk. I’ll never forget my first ride on my Hawk. I remember feeling like my face lead the way. My butt felt like it was way to high, and the bike was a lot more powerful than the Rebel. After the ride I felt a bit intimidated, but my veins were filled with adrenaline, and I needed more. I started riding everyday, to work, then an evening ride, and long weekend rides on twisty back roads. It was around this time that one of my professors said to me “You talk about motorcycles all the time, it’s all I hear about from you, when are they going to start showing up in your work.” Like a lightning bolt struck me, I immediately started incorporating motorcycles in my work. Now a decade later I live in Portland, Oregon, still riding my Hawk, and still painting motorcycles.

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal


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