Right Place Right Time To Snap Shots of AMA Pro Bike

Team Latus Triumph

Jason DiSalvo’s Triumph Daytona 675R

While shopping for gear and bikes at Gladstone Triumph, I was lucky enough to snap a few shots of Jason DiSalvo’s #40 AMA Pro road racing¬† Castrol Triumph Daytona 675R. The bikes were just coming off the truck into the garage. It was perfect timing since by the time I was done with a test ride on a Ninja 250 (SUPER fun little bike) and a Bonneville the race bikes were on the stands and dismantled. Thanks Slim Dave the opportunity. I’m going to shuffle through my photos today and see if any of them are painting worthy.

Also if you happen to be over at Triumph you can now view two of my paintings. Slim Dave has my “Yellow 1098” in his office and my little “Triumph” painting is on the wall in the showroom. My “Retro Bonnie” will be there as soon say it is dry and ready to show.



Triumph Bonneville Art

Retro Bonnie – oil on panel 8″ x 10″

While I was over at the Gladstone Triumph dealer I snapped a shot of this bike, which will be the first of many more Triumphs to come as they are currently showing my paintings. This painting ended up taking a lot longer than I had expected, but once I got into it, I couldn’t help capturing all the details of all the shiny bits. Here are some of my process photos. I also made a time lapse of this one while I painted so that you can see close up as the painting came together. That will be coming soon. ¬†This painting is currently up for auction on my Daily PaintWorks Gallery. The starting bid is $275

Bonneville-White-8x10-Studio-01 Bonneville-White-8x10-Studio-02 Bonneville-White-8x10-Studio-03 Bonneville-White-8x10-Studio-04

Red 848evo in Oil Paint

848evo Oil Painting 8" x 10" Painted Live at Portland's Festa Italiana

848evo Oil Painting 8″ x 10″ Painted Live at Portland’s Festa Italiana

Ducati never fails to impress me with their sexy bikes and super reds. This bike called to me on the MotoCorsa show room floor. I painted her out on the town ready to ride. If you are familiar with my paintings you might notice how this background is reminiscent of the 9ft Ducati painting. I painted this painting at the Festa Italiana in Downtown Portland. It was fun to get out and paint live at the event. Hopefully I will be attending other events soon.

In progress oil painting of the 848

In progress oil painting of the 848

MotoPainter at the MotoCorsa Booth

MotoPainter at the MotoCorsa Booth

After I finished painting Althea and I had some fun trying out the Multistrada.

Althea-and-me-on-the-Multistrada Althea-and-me-on-the-Multi